About Retro Feature Matchbooks

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FeatureMatchbooks.com is one phillumenist's dream of sharing the golden age of classic feature matchbooks that were originally patented and produced by the Lion Match Company in the early 1930s to a new generation of match collectors!

Feature Matchbooks are defined by their unique flattened row of wider match stems printed with original art!

The range of new retro feature available matches also include other "lost" unique options that date back to the 1940s such as a "knothole", which is a special see through opening that's cut into the front cover, revealing the art of the printed feature matches inside!  Furthermore, our retro feature matches can also include a very uniquely designed "spot striker", which is produced using a special silk-screened friction material that's cleverly integrated as part of the printed design.

We hope that you're as thrilled as we are with the whimsical designs that we have on offer!